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Hemp Hurds by the Pallet

  • Pallet of 100% Hemp Hurds | 15 Kilos/bag
  • 100% Hemp Hurds by the Bale | 15 Kilos/Bag
  • Hemp Hurds - European
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20 unit(s)

Product Description

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This Hemp hurd is perfect for you project or application! Hemp "shives" or hemp "core" fiber is the woody, inner part of the hemp stalk which is left over when the bark fiber is removed.

The inner fibers of hemp are often used in non-woven items and industrial applications.  Our customers love this product for many uses such as hempcrete, bio-plastics, chicken and animal bedding and much more!


Material: 100% Hemp
Weight: 1 Pallet Contains: 20 Bags | 15 Kilo/Bag (aprx. 33lbs. Bag)
Type: Hemp Hurds (Soft inner Core of the Hemp Stalk)
Origin: Europe


  • Animal bedding for both horses and small mammals
  • Mulch for gardens and planters, trees, etc.
  • Stuffing for meditation cushions
  • Children's "Sandboxes"
  • They are also used in the construction for such diverse
    products as composite pannels (hempboard) as well as
    a type of cement (hempcrete). 
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Product Reviews

  1. Yukon Quest 1000 Mile Race 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jan 2016

    Reconnecting with my state of Alaska utilizing hempcrete handcrafting tiny houses using rammed earth, locally sourced material as much as possible, such as repurposed wood. With a non-toxic aspect of building with a focus on air quality. Harnessing intelligent energy like solar. Rain cistern collection stores within stainless tanks. Hopefully putting as much positive energy into showing other Alaskan Rural communities the same model. Sustainablity is not a loose designer term with us. It's an attitude. Sustainablity is about taking care of each for each other, in order to survive. More reason the BulkHempWarehouse.com is our First Choice for direction and material.

    TinyHomer Team, Homer, Alaska

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