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First, we want you to know that we are in business for YOU!

We believe that hemp is a bridge to inner & outer peace, as it's possibly the most harmonious plant for FOOD | SHELTER | CLOTHING & 25,000 things.

We aim to be a World Class Company and supplier of the best hemp ropes, twinesfabrics, fibers and other hemp seed & fiber raw materials.

We are focused on helping your projects succeed with hemp, tailored to your projects, products, needs and visions.

We believe, based on more than fifteen years of research and experience in the hemp industry, that Hemp is Mother Earth’s most essential and beneficial agricultural crop.

We know and are witnessing that hemp is reviving this planet.

We are utilizing hemp as our vehicle to assist individuals, families, and companies like you to manifest your highest visions and dreams through weaving hemp into your everyday choices and longterm projects.

We are on a mission to bring HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS & DEEP FULFILLMENT to our customers in everything we feel, think, say and do.

From the Founders

Tyler Hoff (aka Tyler Hemp) is one of the Founders and Head Hemptrepreneurs spearheading Bulk Hemp Warehouse.

At the age of seventeen, his Grandmother introduced him to hemp protein powder. Prior to that hemp, in his mind, was only twine for making bracelets and necklaces.

That day in the kitchen of his grandmother's Southern California home, after mixing some hemp protein powder with almond milk, he knew why he was on this planet.

From that day on he has committed his existence to not only raising awareness, but educating as many people (LIKE YOU) as possible about the benefits and value of hemp to help make their dreams come true.

Bulk Hemp Warehouse's ultimate vision is to create a paradigm shift in consciousness around the world ~ for healthier wealthier happier businesses, communities and people around the world.

Strategic Hemp Alliances

Tyler has been on a mission creating strategic alliances with hemp farmers, companies and hemp entrepreneurs around the world to bring you the highest quality hemp goods he can.

He doesn't take a day off, and LOVES what he does.

Beyond hemp, Tyler Hemp is constantly increasing his knowledge through workshops, books, courses and in the field experiences.

After experiencing a major health condition, the reality of how short life is has motivated him to bring hemp to the people as quickly and joyfully as possible.

He's assisting everyone that he comes in contact with to fulfill their highest visions and dream - through weaving hemp into their daily choices and biggest projects - like building their homes and developing cutting edge products for the marketplace that solve major and minor life problems. 

Get Hempducated!

You can learn all about the four basic uses of hemp, in the HEMP 101 department.

We are happy to be offering retail and wholesale hemp goods to businesses and homes all over the world. We keep all our products in stock for immediate delivery and consistent supply - at our best.


The Bulk Hemp Warehouse website was created to provide manufacturers, companies, designers, students, and individuals with the hemp necessary to effectively fulfill their projects and eco-conscious endeavors. We look forward to serving you and your projects!

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Bulk Hemp Warehouse | Mission Aspirations & Principles

Bulk Hemp Warehouse Principles for shared success

 Bulk Hemp Warehouse Principles for Shared Success

Bulk Hemp Warehouse Mission Aspiration Principles Infographic