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Why Get This Product?

Have you seen these NEW American Hemp Roots!

If you're wanting to work with hemp roots for your next project you're going to LOVE these.

As you probably know hemp roots are the foundation of the hemp stalk, where the plant pulls all the nutrients from the soil.

There are several applications for hemp roots!

You can use it for extracting, and to add into medicinal or theraputic supplements and products. Hemp roots can also be used as mulch material and other cellulosic application.


Material: 100% Hemp Roots
Origin: American (Kentucky Grown)
Weight: Per Pound, or Pallet
Type: Hemp Roots 


    • Medicinal Salves, Balms and other topical products
    • Cellulose products
    • Composites and other construction type materials
    • Used for extracting starches
    • and more!

Wholesale Pricing | Hemp Roots/lb

Sample/Retail LB

20 - 99 LBS+

100 LB+




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