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Bulk Hemp Hurd Fibers | Per Kilo - European

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100% Hemp Hurd Fibers | European Sourced

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Hemp hurds are also known as hemp "shives" or hemp "core" fiber.  This is the woody, inner part of the hemp stalk which is left over when the bark fiber is removed.

The inner fibers of hemp are more woody, and are more often used in non-woven items and other industrial applications.  These fibers look like wood chips, but are much lighter and more absorbent.


Material: 100% Hemp
Origin: Europe
Weight: Sold per Kilo, by the bale, or pallet
Type: Hemp Hurds


    • Animal bedding for both horses and small mammals
    • Mulch for gardens and planters, trees, etc.
    • Stuffing for meditation cushions
    • Children's "Sandboxes"
    • They are also used in the construction for such diverse
      products as composite pannels (hempboard) as well as
      a type of cement (hempcrete).