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Chinese Hemp Planting Hemp Seeds | Per lb

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Chinese Hemp Planting Seeds


Bulk Hemp Warehouse is honored and excited to now offer official Chinese long and fiber hemp planting seed for propagation purposes.

These seed are, viable and can be cultivated by farmers as an industrial hemp fiber crop.

These seeds are the official industrial hemp seeds of China and are the strain HanMa (which means "China Hemp").

These seeds are great for starting a hemp farm in any of the States that allow Industrial Hemp Growth.

Now we can start benefiting from the awesome nutrient content of WHOLE, LIVING, Hemp Seeds to get high quality yields.

These seeds are different from Hemp Grain Seeds.

The distinction between Hemp Seed Grain and Hemp Planting Seeds (offered on this page) is that the grain seed is not intended for planting purposes.

Hemp Fiber Planting Seed Benefits

  • Low cannabinoid content.

  • There are over 26,000 seeds per pound.

Uses for Hemp Planting Hemp Seeds

  • Great for woven and non-woven hemp fiber application, such as ropes, twines, fabrics, webbing, yarn
  • And great making hemp hurd products such as animal bedding, hempcrete, and composite applications such as paper and plastics.

Hemp Farming and Agricultural Questions 

  • Seeding rates for industrial hemp grown for oilseed are 20-30 pounds per acre

  • 93% Germination Rate

  • Around 1,100 pounds of hemp seed per acre can be harvested.

  • Germination Rate: 93%

  • Pure Seed: 99.97%

  • Other Crop: 0.02%

  • Total Seeds per pound: Apx 26,000

PLEASE NOTE: CBD Content: is Negligible - this is NOT a CBD variety of seed and is for grain and fiber production

Buy in Bulk & Save

We also offer bulk quantities at better discounts. If you would like to order large volumes please fill our a ship quote on this page here.

Full Pallet = 1984 pounds (36, 55lb. bags) @ $3.25/lb.
Full Truck = 43,648 lbs @ $2.90/lb.