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Bulk Hemp Warehouse engages in free and fair trade with our suppliers, customers, and employees. 

What is Fair Trade?

A fair trade is one in which both parties agree they are benefiting from the trade. They both feel it is fair. This trade can be between a buyer and seller as well as between an employer and employee. In both instances, a product or service is exchanged for just compensation. The buyer pays a seller for a product or service, and the employer pays an employee for their time of service.

You Cannot Have Fair Trade Without Free Trade.

A free trade is one in which both parties have the right to set the terms of the trade. Both parties have the ability to engage or withdraw from a trade without interference from each other or other people. No force is threatened or implied during the negotiation of the trade. Once again this free trade can be between a buyer and seller as well as between an employer and employee.

In both instances, the people involved decide for themselves whether or not they wish to engage in the trade and under what terms. With free and fair trade, profit does not come at the expense of the employer or employee. Both parties profit resulting in a win/win situation.

Bulk  Warehouse factories and suppliers also engage in free and fair trade with their own suppliers, customers and employees.

Since it is currently illegal to grow in the United States

All of our products need to be imported from other countries such as China, Romania, and Canada. We have visited the farms and factories in these countries to ensure they adhere to fair trade practices with all people involved. These include the following:

Reasonable Wages

Wages are negotiated on a free and fair basis and are adequate to ensure a decent standard of living for all employees.

Reasonable Hours

Employees work an average of 40-60 hours a week depending upon their work load and personal needs. Employees are allowed regular breaks and lunch time.

Safe and comfortable working conditions

Workers conditions include adequate lighting, comfortable temperature, chairs and desks. Machinery is properly maintained with instructions given for safe and proper use.

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