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Hemp Flash-Note Cards | 12 Cards/Pack

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Blank Hemp Postcards (12 Pack) | Hemp Flash Cards

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Start experiencing the benefits of these awesome little blank hemp note cards.

They double as flashcards, for studying your favor topic or preparing for a test.
These Earth-Friendly, Hemp & Recycled Paper index cards are great to print on, draw on them or write your personalized messages!

Immediately create a more positive impact on your community, school, workplace, and be a more earth-conscious by using Hemp Content Paper!

The hemp fibers for this paper are sourced from Canada and Post Consumer Waste (PCW) is from the United States ~ where the paper itself is manufactured.

Not only that the first drafts of the Declaration of Independence were on hemp paper and the first Gutenberg Bible is said to be printed on hemp paper!


Origin: North America Hemp Hurds are from Canada and the Post Consumer Waste is from the United States of America

Composition: 25% Hemp / 75% Post Consumer Waste

Size: 4" x 6"

Weight: 100#

Minimum Order: 4 Packs (48 Cards)


  • Hemp paper has been shown to be stronger and longer lasting than tree paper
  • Hemp doesn't require as much water as cotton and similar fibers
  • Naturally hemp colored for an authentic look
  • Help raise awareness and bring the cost of hemp down by getting it locally rather than from oversea.
  • Stop contributing to the deforestation of the planet by using Hemp and PCW Paper!