Hemp Twine


Twisting the hemp fibers into Twine was one of the first uses of the hemp plant! It's tencile strength and anti-mold properties are two of the many reason this plant has been used for thousands of years for twines, ropes, cordage and textiles!

The most frequent uses of hemp twine are jewelry, jungle-gyms for pets and kids, baking cord, gardening uses, gift wrapping and packaging and artistic applications just to name a few!

Hemp jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings, belts, watches, wristbands and other adornments. Hemp twine can also be used for applications such a clothes lines, binding parcels, nets, whipping the end of a rope, crafts, toys for pets, tethering a kite, netting for a basketball hoop or a hockey goal, nautical design on the interior of boats and homes and other nautical themed rooms or areas!

Using hemp rope will not only give your project stregth but it will be safer, cleaner and healthier for the planet, with it's biodegradable plant fibers! Good for your project and good for the Earth!