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Hemp Webbing

Hemp Webbing is a very strong, flat strip of woven fabric often used for straps harnesses and other fashionable and functional uses!

Below you'll find Romanian, Chinese, and possibly other varieties of hemp webbing. It's a versatile component used in climbing, slack lining, towing, parachuting, military apparel, belts, suspenders, leashes and collars, backpack straps, duffel bags and more ...

In furniture webbing can be used in couches and chairs, as a base for the seating areas. Hemp is not just strong it can be quite durble.

Webbing is also used to reinforce joints and areas that tend to flex. The strength of the hemp fiber makes it a natural alternative to nylon or polyester webbing.

It's our Mission & Purpose to bring YOU the BEST QUALITY, BEST VALUE Hemp Webbing from around the world. You can count on Hemp, and you can count on us!

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