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Knitted Hemp Hand Towel

  • 100% Hemp Knitted Kitchen Hand Towel - Natural
Ships within 2-3 business days

Why Get This Product?

This strong, durable, 100% hemp knitted hand towel is a fabulous earth-conscious, biodegradable, sustainable upgrade for your home or commercial kitchen. If you run a restaurant or just want to increase the quality of your health and the health of your kitchen you'll love the feeling you get while using this hemp kitchen hand towel.

By using hemp you are helping save trees and ultimately helping the earth to be a healthier place to live. There are so many reasons why it's a wise choice to utilize a hemp hand towel other than saving trees. 

Hemp Hand Towel Benefits

  • Help save the trees!
  • Stop contributing to unneccessary waste
  • Stop contributing to the destruction of our waterays
  • Feel cool and elegant while you enjoy your meals
  • Upgrade the quality of the experience your patrons of if you own a restaurant
  • Know that you are supporting small business and family farmers.
  • Hemp is known to be resistant to mold and fungus allowing it to last longer!
  • The longer fibers of the hemp plant create stronger products than cotton or synthetic materials.


Origin: Romania
Material: 100% Hemp
Style: Knitted Fabric

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